About Us

Stelter Repair was started with the purchase of a blacksmith shop in1943. The first years the shop was called City Blacksmith. In 1948 the name was changed to Stelter’s Repair & in 1993 to Stelter Repair, Inc. The business is in its fourth generation. Two generations are currently working.

In 1977 a 70'x100' addition was completed. The following year another building, 42'x70' was added. In 1999 a 75'x80' addition was added to the business. In 2010 a 42'x75' storage building was added to the operation. Since the original purchase in 1943 the business has changed substantially.

Starting as a blacksmith shop, at times sharpening plowshares all day with a coal fired forge & trip hammer, to current times emerging as a welding machine & custom manufacturing shop with many fabrication tools & equipment, welders, lathes, as well as mills & computers.

What We Do

Hopper Bin Repair

Hopper bins that have been damaged from tipping over can often times be repaired.

The repairs after repainting are blended so it is difficult to see the bin has been repaired.

The cost involved to repair, depending on the damage to the bin, can be much less than the cost of a new bin.

We have repaired bins from 8’ diameter to 16’ diameter & up to 5 rings tall.

Fence Cleaner

A new product we recently introduced is a fence cleaner for removing tumbleweeds & debris from fence lines. We have manufactured items ranging from trailers, grain cleaners, & grain treaters to fish augers & oil field buildings.

It clean thistles, tumbleweeds, & other debris from fences, tree rows, barbwire, chain link, & other fences & barriers. It makes a one pass operation on each side of the fence. It will also not damage fence wire or posts. Finally it leaves chopped material in a windrow that will blow away or can be baled.

The minimum tractor horsepower is 50 however, 70 horsepower or larger is recommended. The tractor should have a 1000 PTO for the machine pump to run on (a 540 PTO works with an adapter).

Grab Forks

 We can custom build grabforks (grapple forks) to fit nearly any type of equipment such as farm tractors, payloaders, telehandlers, skid steers, & track loaders to mention a few.

Our grabforks are custom built to fit each piece of equipment & one size does not fit all. We build standard duty or heavy duty.

Features that can be included in a grabfork are:

Double Cushion Values

Cushion Cylinders

Quick-Tach Mounts To The Bucket

Bolted Mounts To The Bucket

2 To 6 Teeth Or More

Up To 1” Thick Teeth

Spreader Bars For The Teeth

Top Frame Manure Hauler Enclosure

Bucket Back Spill Protector

Combine Projects

Stelter Repair does many different things with combines & combine headers. These projects range from making header conversions to fit heads from one combine to another to air towers.

Combine Headers can be adapted to fit from old to new style feeder houses. Typical conversions that can be done are from the old IH (1010 headers for example) to the new Case/IH (New Holland) combines. This type of conversion requires the old head to be modified to attach to the new combine. Adapters in between typically cause feeding problems at the feeder house due to the increased space between the head auger & feeder house. This is especially noticeable in heavy crops.

Air towers (chimneys) on the air intake on a combine can decrease fires caused by dust in the engine compartment. These fires are very common during harvesting of sunflowers. These towers also decrease the air cleaner filter maintenance as well.

Platform augers can be repaired when bent or broke. Augers can be straightened or have the center of the auger replaced if necessary. Typically the center replacement piece is much heavier than original equipment. Flighting can also be replaced. In many cases the auger after repair will run truer than it did when new.

Bale Beds

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Grain Treaterrs

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More Of What We Do

Fish Auger

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Handicap Ramps

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New Service

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New Service

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